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Consulta Meta I.M. (CM-IM) prides itself in grouping professional individuals having noteworthy experience and drive in strategic consulting.


Our professionals offer the foundation for effective management of relationship interactions.  This approach supports a variety of people-oriented exchanges that will occur inside and outside the enterprise.  Clients, employees, partners and suppliers are an integral part of the relationship equation.  CM-IM responds to the needs of the enterprise by simplifying the communication links used across its processes. 


Our attributes include innovative techniques, proven methods and common sense as true differentiators of CM-IM.  We promote a multifaceted service through our Excelsior-L.A.M. program.  By using Leadership, Adventure and Management techniques, we ensure effective results and tangible benefits. 


Our basic organizational chart below will help you visualize the company profile and its potential for diversification.  



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"To leverage the needs, your initiative must pass from its 'identification' stage to its internal 'promotion' stage".


The relationship-based needs of an enterprise focus on client contact services as well as internal and external relationship links.  As such, requirements in the communication areas are various.  The management of interactions can, at times, provide challenges in strategic or tactical planning around business processes. We shall look at one facet of interaction management by focusing on the 'value-added' approach for generating benefits.


How can 'value-added' leverage your needs and provide benefits?


1. Set up a portfolio of interaction initiatives with higher potential value:

Select common initiatives across the enterprise based on value

On evolving prospective values, review commitments to proposed initiatives

'Value-added' basis must manage scoping of initiatives

2. Increase realization of potential value:

Identify and correct value risk factors in business programs

Identify and prioritize all initiatives needed to realize expected benefits

Actively manage benefit realization using performance metrics

Franco Gucciardo

Message from the President

Some years back, I came to realize that the understanding of a problem always leads to its solution.


It became evident to me that in order to arrive at an understanding of any situation, the communication channels that carry information in support of an evaluation, must first be coordinated.  Also, the units of available data have to be linked at one point or another to the information they contain so the relevant portion is tapped.  By this process, it became apparent that any reasonable answer derived at can serve as a possible solution.  Now I had to select the 'best' one. No!  I had to choose the 'right' one.  At the next level of communication came the time to inform others of my 'right' solution.  I quickly realized that the selection process was not over:  my understanding was not their understanding; my solution was not necessarily their solution.


In retrospect, we can see all the above as common knowledge, source of technological breakthrough and new enterprise aspirations (such as Customer Relationship Management / CRM).  We can see that profiled knowledge can be used to reduce time and effort in finding solutions that are 'right' and accepted.


But the bottom line is always the individual, the person, the one next to you.  The understanding of a problem must include the understanding of the people touched by the problem because they can have different profile natures.  


I advocate that our Company has a well-founded qualification of 'generalist'.  It has the unique competence to directly support or consult in the interaction management prospects existing in a public or a private enterprise.




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